The greatest asset of Oxford Public School is its resource of teachers and instructors who play the crucial role of facilitators and guides to the young, raw and energetic learners. It also understands that experience is one salient factor that enables a great teacher to produce top class students.The faculty of Oxford Public School is a hand-picked team which comprises:
1. Scholars and practitioners, excelling in their respective fields
2. Excellent communicators with experience in the art of dissemination of knowledge
3. Facilitators and guides rather than only teachers, with the objective of widening the perspective of the young minds
4. Open minded individuals who encourage the concept of free thinking, catalyze the students and help them assess life in different perspectives
5. Teachers capable of utilizing their vast experience effectively to promote healthy interest towards learning
6. Counsellors and caretakers of students entrusted to them, who understand the responsibility bestowed on them
7. Educators aware of orienting learning towards the requirements of education and are application oriented rather than pure academicians
8. Expert advisors, highly motivated and capable administrators ever eager to guide and bring up the students as good human beings and responsible citizens of the nation

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