1. The right environment for a fruitful stay in the school.

2. Spacious well-furnished class rooms with audio-visual aids and specialised teaching kits.

3. Continuous internal assessment.

4. E-library where students have access to thousands of books and educational CDs on various subjects.

5. Well-equipped and updated laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

6. Hi-Tech computer laboratories to cater to the latest computer education programme for classes I to XII (separate labs for primary & senior section).

7. LCD Projection System.

8. A large size Conference Room with multimedia system.

9. IVRS: The school has ushered in a new age with the launching of the interactive voice response system which provides student related information over telephone. This has been done with a view to enhance the development of the child at the home front by providing student related information like attendance, behaviour and academic performance.

10. Specially made ERP system with parent Log-in.

11. C.C.T.V. cameras are installed in all classrooms, corridors etc. for proper supervision of all the activities of the school.

12. A well-equipped air conditioned auditorium.

13. Separate sections for Arts, Craft, Music, Dance, Yoga, Aerobics and Band.

14. An exclusive Physical Education Department that offers good physical training to the students in both outdoor and indoor games. Trained tutors assist the students to gain distinction and thorough proficiency in the game chosen. The lush green playground is the centre of attraction.

15. Counselling centre providing professional and psychological assistance at all times.

16. Scholarships and awards for meritorious students.

17. An aqua water-filtration plant for safe drinking water.

18. Canteen of high standard that caters to the culinary tastes of a diverse student population.

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